Our Team and Experience

NPS Leak Detection is dedicated to swimming pool leaks and only swimming pools. We do not sell equipment or do renovation (we leave that to the pools company’s we work with) ¬†therefore you get experience¬†leak detectors and real problem solvers that are there to find leaks and stop them.


*Chris Tally, the owner of NPS Leak Detection and has been for more than 20 years. Before that he did marine construction which involved leak repair on hydro-dams and underwater pipe lines as a commercial diver, after his time in the Marine Corps.

*Darryl has been a leak detector for NPS leak Detection for the past 10 years. Before that he did construction to include building swimming pool structures.

*Robert is one of the original leak detectors and has been instrumental in the development of equipment and methods. At this time the equipment he invented is in the process of being patented for market.

*Michael (smitty) has been working in the pool industrial for twenty years and is our go to repair guy for the small and large jobs.

*Jacob is a student at Forsyth Tech and is in the process of learning the trade of leak detection and pool repair.

*Frankie is our go to guy for electronics. With his modification to electrical leak detection equipment, NPS out performs the industry standard and produce better results.